Friday, August 28, 2009

Ups and downs

So these videos are from this reverse trampoline thing they have at the mall. Sam has done it before, but Aaron never has. You have to be 20 lbs. He recently hit 21 and screams to do it everytime we go, so I told the lady to put him in the harness and just let him bounce a little. He went practically up to the ceiling! Seriously, a crowd gathered. I am sure people were saying" What kind of crazy mother let her baby do this?!?" The video is terrible because I kept losing focus during my panic attack. I am not kidding. But both boys had so much fun.

Sam has had a trying time lately with fear of monsters and difficulty sleeping. We think it is a combination of his Safety camp plus this Berenstein Bears book with jealousy represented as the "green eyed monster" and kindergarden anxiety. Anyway, it has been hard on him...and our patience. He is improving. I know a lot of moms have trouble with their kids going off to kindergarden. I can't wait. He needs socialization and taming!!!! I will let the saintly kg teachers have at it.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It has obviously been a while since my last post, life has been hectic and I have been uninspired! Well, my boys are obviously still a huge inspiration, but there has been less angst :)

Sam has been very active. He has done Sports camp and now is doing Safety Town camp. He has enjoyed both. He got picked on by some older boys the first day of Sports Camp, very mild teasing, but I think it was a shock to both of our systems! This school stuff is going to be hard. But he is resilient and took it in stride, and his mama bear mother tried to do the same. Actually, his daddy came to his defense and spoke to the teachers about it. Yay for co-parenting. Kudos to any and all single parents, but this job is HARD and I am so glad not to be partnered up so happily.

Aaron is doing very well. He has sort of plateaued a bit on saying new words, but he seems to understand more every day. His eating has been much, much better over the last few weeks. It remains to be seen if this will translate into some added ounces. Anyhow, it is nice to see him happily eating, no matter what the scale says! The added food and our decision to get rid of the calorie supplement has alleviated his constipation, so we "lost" another medicine. Yay. We are still working on getting to Cincinnati, the country's premier center for EoE research, but our fabulous private health insurance is denying thus far. Boy, I sure think it will be just horrible if my doctor's recommendations are limited by a government plan because this private plan that costs us an arm and a leg is soooo wonderful. Sorry, brief detour into the infuriating health care sideshow. Actually, if we continue to not progress on the coverage, we may get Aaron into Children's Special Health coverage, an evil government program for kids with special needs thatwould likely cover this.

Anyway, it has been a cool summer but here is footage of the boys in the pool.