Saturday, April 17, 2010


My little guy is a 2 year old, with all the crazy tantrums and independence that implies. While his brother still has no problem letting mom help him with all sorts of activities of daily living, A wants to do everything himself. Buckle himself in (and out) of his carseat, put on his shoes, open the door, walk up and down the steps....some of these tasks are more appropriate than others! When I am in a hurry to get somewhere, his shrieks of protest when I want to buckle him in are not convenient, but I try to remember that this independence has taken him far in life. Right now he is totally in love with his baseball mitt. Not surprising, as baseball season is in full swing at our house.

The one area he is NOT tackling on his own is sleep. After learning to climb out of his crib (Can you believe the irony?) he has been staying in a toddler bed in our room. I haven't had the strength to have the all out fight that will ensue when we try to get him back in his own room. Yet. The day is coming...

We are in a not so great time for eating...the topic is so old...I am trying not to let it run Airbear's life and am just hopeful that one day he will start eating better on his own. His weight is holding at the 5th percentile so we are hanging in!

Just around his 2nd birthday, A went back for his final speech eval and they found that he did have a speech delay in expressive language. I had suspected as much and was prepared to fight for him to have continued services, but in turned out that I didn't have to argue. Then, there was spring break and he started talking a LOT more. And more clearly. By the time his 1st sesson came this week, he was doing so much more. The therapist was very pleased. I think the sessions will be fun and can't hurt, but I am not too concerned anymore. Some of his new phrases include...

Light on, light off, open door, git it me, Abby kiss,

He also likes to count. He was asking for kisses from the pooch and I said she already had kissed him. "Two!" He says. I reply "She gave you two kisses!" "Twee!" (meaning three) he says back.Smart boy!