Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sentimental reasons

Last January, I wrote a post about Sam on his birthday. Everyone really seemed to like it and it made me realize how this could be a vehicle to write the things we just don't always say to the people we love most. February, I wrote for my dad's birthday, and then it became a bit of a tradition. The year is coming to a close for family birthday's and tomorrow is my hubby's big day. This one is hard. Not because I couldn't gush for pages about my wonderful partner in life....but because of the "ewww" factor. But, I couldn't do a year of birthdays and not include the man who walked into my life when I was 19 and changed it forever. So, I guess I am going to risk embarrassing myself and my guy...feel free to stop reading now unless you are the birthday boy.

I was not the girl who dreamed of weddings and kids and wrote Mrs. so and so all over my notebooks. In college, I always thought my friends would get married first and although it seems crazy to me now, I went through a phase where I was pretty sure I didn't want kids. (It seems incomprehensible to me now, even on my worst mommy days!) I think part of that was because it seemed so hard to imagine someone I would want to share my life with and raise a family with. And then, a slightly scruffy, really funny, smart, sensitive, smartass Scholar came along.

I liked him then, I love and adore him now. It amazes me that I had the good sense to pick him when I was so young. And like fine wine...he gets better with age. The young college guy has grown into the kind of man who puts his family first, who works so hard to keep me happy, who adores his children, stands by his responsibilities, is my shoulder to cry on and can crack me up like no other. He doesn't miss games, doctor's appointments, teacher conferences. He works hard at the office and does more than his share at home. He respects my work and me. He does a mean repertoire of imitations, has trivia and sports knowledge that amazes, loves me unconditionally, is a great attorney who has been singled out several times for his ProBono work, and there is no one I have more fun with. I want my sons to grow up to be the kind of man their father is. We have been through a lot in the last year, I feel we have been tested some, and we have come through stronger.

So, in the tradition, some song lyrics for my true love...Barbra sang this song today on Oprah and it gave me chills...this is what my husband does for me and I am so blessed to have him, as are the boys...

Make someone happy,

Make just one someone happy.

Make just one heart the heart you sing to.

One smile that cheers you,One face that lights when it nears you.

One gal you're everything to.

Fame, if you win it,Comes and goes in a minute.

Where's the real stuff in life to cling to?

Love is the answer,Someone to love is the answer.

Once you've found her,Build your world around her.

Make someone happy.Make just one someone happy

And you will be happy too