Sunday, August 15, 2010

Heavyweight Champion

It has been all summer and I haven't updated this blog. It has been very big boy at home for the summer, a new job, lots of time spent with friends and family. And my mind has just been more quiet lately. But this week...we got news that I have to shout from the proverbial rooftop...Aaron weighs 26.5 lbs. This puts him at between the 10th and 25th percentile for weight, a percentile he hasn't been at since about 6 months of age. So, huge sigh of relief.

The little man continues to amaze. He is talking a little more every day. Tonight, I heard him on the monitor singing the Caillou theme song to himself. He is routinely putting together 3-4 word sentences. Yay!!! His independent streak is unbelievable to me. I had read about this tendency of toddlers to want to do everything for themselves, but it never really took hold with our big boy. He was pretty content to let me put on his shoes, hold his hand in the parking lot, etc. Not so with my little Cinderella man. If I am in a hurry and buckle him into his carseat (instead of letting him do it himself), I WILL have to withstand furious wailing from the backseat for the duration of the trip. He rebels against holding a hand to walk down stairs, having his burger cut in two, being read to instead of reading book himself. "ME DO IT!" He wipes off kisses with a glint in his eyes. So, like mommies around the world, I wait. I wait for the moments when he is tired or frustrated, or caught off guard, or in need of a soft place to fall. And in these moments, when he climbs in my lap and stays put for a whole story...when we giggle through the photo album...when he comes in for the early morning baba, I hold tight to the baby inside this amazing little boy. After all those months of wanting to fastforward to these glory days, these days when I would know my boy would be OK, now I want time to stand still. Greedy girl.