Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Dancers

Well, the summer is flying by...what a difference a year makes. For me, every milestone this summer brings back memories of the same time last year. We have been busy with Tee-ball, swim lessons, play group and just enjoying each other. We got to visit DC despite spreading some sort of viral contagion while there, and had a great time. The hubby and I spent a glorious weekend alone together in Chicago (Thanks Bubbe and Saba!) and we have travel plans to see friends coming up.

Sam gets smarter and more grown up all the time. He is big enough to ride down the slide at the waterpark alone! Gulp...I remember when he was 2 and Matt talked me into taking him on it the first time ( I was sure he was too little, Matt was right) and I will miss going down it together, him in my lap in the innertube, both of us shrieking and giggling. I told him that and he is humoring me by taking a last ride together, but I am sure going with mom will be ho-hum now. Sigh. I thought I had more time. He is loving teeball and having more fun every day playing with his little brother. He even takes the biting in stride. They love to chase each other around the house and wrestle. I have tried to limit the wrestling (it can't be helpful in taming down Aaron's toddler aggression!) but it is truly impossible. BOYS! A nice problem to have, all in all..

Aaron is getting to be quite a handful. I remember this being a wonderful but really, um, challenging age in round 1, and that is proving true this time. He seems to pick up new ideas and words every day. He LOVES music and dancing, trucks/buses/cars, and of course...sports. He throws temper tantrums on a regular basis. Now, instead of just refusing his food, he routinely spits some back at me. Ugh. He is getting another molar in, and he is wanted to use those teeth on people, not food. He is going to get kicked out of the gym day care if he keeps it up, and I am actually working out on a regular basis now...I don't want to be kicked out :)!

All in all, a good summer, so far! The videos are a little long but so funny. Lots of white boys dancing at our house. Sam wanted to hear his favorite grown up song, the Single Ladies song by Beyonce, but I couldn't find the CD, thus the YouTube video was placed and he got his groove on. Sort of! He kind of looks like he is doing karate. Aaron just presses the button to hear music and spontaneously starts dancing. It is so funny and adorable. To his mother, anyway...